Chickens Soccer

TITAN, Defend Earth Before it's too Late

My Very Own Light

ViKing of Norway

Blood Mud Fire Mask

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What if you woke up with half of your brain trapped in a lantern?

Would you escape your towering property made of countless puzzles?

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The Earth is about to fall and you’re the last hope with your gigantic Titan.
Unfortunately, it needs 5 crew members and you’re the very last alive.

Climb, jump and hang your way to each control seat of the colossus to earn the Earth a few more minutes.

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Infiltrated in a worn out country of Central Africa, sneak, climb, fight to complete your mission through a nervous and retro gameplay.

And discover the strange artifact that fate has put in your path ...

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Stranded on a small Norwegian island and without your crew, probably drowned, you must repair your Drakkar to sail back towards your destiny!

Take advantage of local resources and try to win the islanders to your cause in this minimalist and open RPG.

Awaiting an Update

As soon as MVOL is complete we plan to do an update on the Chikens Soccer series.