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Chickens Soccer

TITAN, Defend Earth Before it's too Late

My Very Own Light


ViKing of Norway

Blood Mud Fire Mask

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The Wild Games

Creating games off the beaten track since 2012.


Chickens Soccer Series

On May 15 2012, after 10 years in the video game industry, I set up on my own and founded The Wild Games. Starting on smartphones I publlished the Chickens Soccer series.


Ulule for iOs

A successful Ulule campaign marks the transition of the series to iOS.


Board games

The studio is working on board games using 3D printing. They are in our drawers waiting impatiently to be finalized and to find a spot on your tables.


Last Hero & Lurking Gods

During these years we worked on 2 ambitious projects, Last Hero and Lurking Gods which we will resume soon.


Pixel Art & BNF

We publish 3 free games on PC: Defend Earth before it's too late , ViKing of Norway and Blood Mud Fire Mask which had the honor of being integrated into the National French Library Pixel Art collection.


My Very own Light beginings

We are starting the development of My Very Own Light which we have chosen to be our 1st major game on PC .


MVOL Early Access

We launched My Very Own Light Early Access to invite you into the end of its development.


My Very Own Light Release!

On November 25, we are proud to bring you the final version of My Very Own Light.


The Wild Games x Unreal 5

In addition to MVOL content updates, this was a year of transition with the start of an ambitious 3D city project that is kept secret^^ and the move to Unreal 5.


Lysfanga & Greedfall 2

I had a little girl! A little treasure that shakes up priorities. So I helped on 2 beautiful games Lysfanga and Greedfall 2, almost pausing The Wild Games.


Michael Mavros, aka NamInUz

Working in video games since 2002, I was able to participate in the creation of games like Act of War or RUSE before founding The Wild Games.
Besides creating games, best job in the world, I love playing football and gargantuan meals.
And I share what I learned in several schools like the Sorbonne Nord University

Feel free to chat with me on networks

Fortunately, I am often helped by talented teamates such as:

Rudy Michel

Joining TWG after a successful internship in 2020, he mainly works props & Level Build where he shines with his sense of detail and its ability to combine unlikely objects into impressive new assets.
This rock climbing enthusiast is to be noticed if you offer him a game of Smash Bros thanks to his carrying voice.

Etienne Gau

First to join TWG after a successful internship in 2019, he mainly worked on Level Design and communication.
Almost pro mountain biker and in making odds and ends VR equipments, he knows how to maintain calm and good mood through thick and thin.

Guillaume d'Arcy-Orga

Close friend of Rudy, he joined TWG in 2020 to take care of environmental sounds and sound effects.
Bearing the affectionate nickname Choucroute, he didn't waver when naming his cat Mosquito ...

And here are the past milestones

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