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Bruised Angels

-On Hold-


In the slums of Los Angeles, Kate’s young sister is kidnapped by a biker gang. She and her friend Riane go look for her, helped by two friends: Tovie and Emily.

In the course of relentless fights, they will follow the trail and unveil the plot that hides behind the kidnapping through a tribute to the 90’s Beat’em Up.

Main features:

Dynamic fights based on timing.
Easy to play and large panel of moves (40+).
Offensive counters that reward risk taking.
Charismatic bosses to analyze and overcome.
4 playable heroines and others to unlock, each with their specificity.
17 levels from the slums to the luxurious skyscrapers.
Memorable places: catch ring, moving vehicles, private jet etc.
• A mature tone and a cast of characters that evoke The Shields, SoA etc.
• An eye-catching art direction that contrasts with the tone and bring lightness.
Several levels of comprehension with hints and humor.